Agricultural Insurance

Agricultural insurance provides cover for crops, live stocks, farm equipments, etc.

Insurance cover is a most effective means of addressing major risks in agriculture as it safeguards farmers against unforeseen adverse circumstances, while boosting their interest in agriculture.

Material Damage Insurance:  Cover for your stock, farm buildings, machinery, vehicles and implements and other assets.

Livestock Insurance:  Cover for diseases such as Bovine Tuberculosis, Foot and Mouth and Brucellosis.

Hail Damage Insurance:  Vital for certain types of crops.

Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown Insurance:  Protecting your essential equipment: anything from laptop computers to grain dryers.

Public Liability Insurance:  Essential protection against claims made by members of the public.

Employers’ Liability Insurance:  Protection against claims made by employees.

Tractors and Trailers:  From a single tractor to a farm fleet.  Cover for farm trailers whether or not attached.

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      Claims and loss handling is the materialized utility of insurance, it is the actual "product" paid for. As your brokers/risk management consultants, it is our duty to work with you through the claims process to ensure that claims processing is hassle free to your organisation. We have done it for others and now is the time for you to share from this experience!

      At Senforce, our role in the claims management process is as follows:

        • To monitor, manage, regularly follow up and negotiate settlement of all claims submitted by clients.
        • To assist in the resolution or conduct of difficult or contentious claims with underwriters and re-insurers where required.
        • Claims administration, including collection of insurance proceeds and proactive follow-up of outstanding claims until finalization.
        • Provision of status reports on all claims in process for clients.
        • To maintain records of paid and outstanding claims for underwriting disclosure and inclusion in renewal submissions.

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